Unknown History of Poker you should know

Poker, a top-rated game, is one of the skill-based gambling games. So what is poker, it is any of the other card games played with a deck of cards, and the person with the best hand of cards according to the game’s rules wins. Now, we will look at how the poker became popular as it is now.

When and where it began?

The primary form of poker was known as ‘poque.’ In the 1800s, Poque was played in gambling dens of New Orleans, USA. And it is believed to gain popularity among the soldiers during the American Civil War and then popularized throughout the world. And according to history, the term ‘poque’ is descended from the German word ‘pochen’ means ‘to knock.’ The knocking did at the poker table, maybe because of this word. The poker game closely resembles the Persian game of ‘as nas.’ 

At that ancient times, the only poker was famous not other games like dewabet118, joker and Taxes Hol’dm

What is the Persian game ‘as nas’?

The French settlers in New Orleans might have learned the game of ‘as nas‘ from the Persian soldiers. So we got to know that as nas is a Persian card game and it is quite interesting too. The quantity of cards in a deck of as nas was 20, and the positions were: as (ace), shah (lord), bibi (sovereign), serbaz (warrior), and the couli (artist).  While playing, a player gets five cards each. The winner is decided on minus, straights, and flushes with a high hand. 

Poque at New Orleans

The game poker played at New Orleans is related to the above mentioned as nas. It was earlier played with a deck of 20 cards, and the four players did betting on the best hand. The poker gambling was popular in the Mississippi riverboats. This poque popularized, leading to the introduction of the deck of 52 cards.  

The contemporary deck of 52 cards

To talk about the contemporary set of cards, the French-suited decks popular across the globe with 52 cards i.e. four suits comprising of 13 cards each. These four suits are hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Each suite contains an ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, jack, queen, and king. Since there is no exact data regarding the origin of the 52 cards’ deck, it is believed to be an evolved version of all those old existing types of cards. It was during the American Civil War in which draw poker, stud poker, and straight introduced. 

An alternate history for the origin of poker

Though as nas have similarities to the modern poker game, some historians claim tenth-century Chinese emperor played cards. Then it reached Europe around 1360 through the Mameluke Empire of Egypt; these suits are goblets, gold coins, swords, and polo-sticks. But modern poker has a closer resemblance to as nas

When did poker popularize as a tournament?

The world series of poker in the year 1970 at American Casinos popularized poker as a tournament in the modern world. The world series of poker games and world poker tour broadcast has brought a significant number of fans for the poker game.

Now you might have got an overview of the history of poker. Since it’s something related to the past, there are always many opinions regarding the origin of poker. But that doesn’t matter since poker is a widely acclaimed game.

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