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There is plenty of caller ID and call blocker apps out there for Android smartphones. However, if I have to pick anybody, I would only decide on the TrueCaller app. TrueCaller is among the best caller ID and telephone blocker app available for Android smart-phone on the Play Store.

It has more than 100 million active, users, also continues to help identify subscribers all over the planet. But other than its unethical solitude policy, and prohibited from Russia, their recent update in India automatically enrolled some current users to its own payments service Truecaller Pay without their permission.

After Truecaller launched, it had been one of those first apps to create universal caller-id services to smartphones. I loved using this service because it allowed me to not just recognize the numbers I’m receiving calls from but also automatically block spam calls. Nevertheless, through time Truecaller is becoming resource-heavy. The app is one of the biggest culprits behind desktop battery life at a smartphone.

Some say that the program cause battery drainage difficulties and it decreases the gadget. Consequently, if you are one of those that do not find TrueCaller useful, you then can consider its own alternatives.


Whoscall is among the best and top-rated Truecaller alternatives available on the list. An incredible number of users right now use the program and it’s been downloaded more than 70 million instances. Not only that, however, Whoscall blocks telemarketing or spam calls mechanically.


Showcaller is still another Truecaller alternative that is easy to prepare and utilize. The program is actually small (>4MB) and doesn’t eat up much of your mobile’s tools. It is also battery friendly and doesn’t drain as much battery at the background as Truecaller does. The program identifies most of the anonymous calls and also shows detailed caller ID info on incoming calls, showing one of that the titles and photos of the folks who are calling. The service is extremely good at identifying and blocking spam requirements.


If you are attempting to find an Android program that could show you the caller ID in realtime, then Number may be the best pick for you personally. Do you know what? With Numler, you can’t just recognize the incoming calls, however, you also could block them well. Apart from this, Numler also lets users find telephone numbers/Reverse telephone lookup.


Hiya which was formerly called Whitepages caller-id is just a really competent caller-id program that identifies the calls that you would like to choose and also blocks the texts and numbers you wish to avoid. Just like Truecaller, the app describes not known amounts, lets you look for unknown numbers, and blocks spam calls. My favorite characteristic of Hiya aside from its intended works mentioned above may be the fact that the app is totally free of charge and does not even show any ads.


Trapcall offers something which the others neglect to. While most caller id apps identify numbers depending on the data they’ve accumulated from their user base, Trapcall can additionally differentiate calls from private numbers.


CallApp is an all-purpose caller-id program that not just defines anonymous callers and blocks junk calls however, it also will come with the capacity to record forecasts. The program permits the record of the incoming and outgoing calls and also is a blessing for all users that need this particular feature. Obviously, being a caller-id program, its principal job is to recognize anonymous amounts, which happily, it will quite well. I must express that junk telephone obstructing this was perhaps not too good much like any of the additional programs with this list.


Wide Shield made the list as it does something which no additional caller identification and blocker program can perform, so much better. It cannot just distinguish callers but also help prevent them from the codes. Thus, you enter a location code along with all of the calls from this area that are going to be blocked indefinitely.


Mr. Number is essentially a dialer program that focuses primarily on blocking calls. But, Mr. Number additionally shows the caller’s advice as well. The caller-id socket feature of Mr. Number isn’t true, however, it’s worth a go. What tends to make the program different is its capacity to block calls in 1 individual, area code, or even a whole nation.

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