How Can I See Private Instagram Account?

Instagram is the best platform for sharing your photos and videos; you can post them or put on your story. There are two types of accounts, (i) Public account (ii) Private account. It is up to you how you want to keep your account.  A public account is visible to everyone, but in a private account, the other person must follow you to view your posts. Now the question is how to see private Instagram?

 Let’s move to the ways to view a private account:


Follow them:

The first thing you would do is click on the ‘follow’ button; there are fair chances that they would accept your follow request, and you will be able to go through their profile and view their posts, stories, IGTV, reels, and story highlights if they have any.

When you send them the request, you have to be a little patient and wait for them to accept the request. If, after some time, they still haven’t responded to your request, you can cancel the request and send it again, because sometimes the other person has a lot of requests and your request got lost in the others.

It would come to their notice by sending it again, and then they can accept it for you to view their profile without any issues.


Send a DM:

Sometimes, the reason they don’t accept the request is, they don’t know you or remember you from anywhere. You can send them a message, and your message will go in their message requests. One always gets a notification when there is a new message request, so they can check them and view your message.

When you are thinking about how to see private Instagram, you start spamming them with your messages, too many messages will scare them away, and you won’t even get a reply to forget about the accepting of request. While sending a direct message (DM), keep yourself calm and ask them nicely to accept the request and tell them why you want to follow them.


Use viewer links:

When your request and the direct message go unseen, there is always another option to answer your queries on how to see private Instagram? And the answer is some viewer links that provide you a way to view the posts of the account you want to see. A Private Instagram viewer lets you see every post of that private account without following them.

It is so easy to do that; in return, you might have to pay a little amount or install some apps that they tell you to. Installing the apps and running them for some seconds won’t hurt but will take you to the profile you wanted to check out for a long time.

To sum up, I would suggest you to emphasis on the option of following them; that way, you are not doing something unethical. You will be viewing the profile by their permission, and you are doing nothing to invade their personal space.

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