Top Orbital Sanders Buying Guide 2020

Are you confused or unsure about getting the best orbital sander? It would be a real challenging task to get the one for you. Trust us; we know how difficult it is while considering the unlimited varieties of orbital sander would pop on your device whenever you search for the ‘Top orbital sanders.’


Best Orbital Sanders Review

Based on the top Orbital sander reviews given by the customers, we had enlisted the few best orbital sanders for your reference.

  1. Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander

Bosch ROS20VSC random orbital sander tops in our list due to its enormous features that had impressed the customers. It is made with five amp motor, which would vary between the 7500 and 12000 orbits per minute. This speed level would help you to remove the materials and ensures smooth finishing. It looks best with its finishing quality.

The disc will remain in a particular place as this orbital sander is attached to the hook and loop disc. We can use multiple grip positions due to its distinct design.  It is made with a built-in micro filter system and operates with low vibration.

  1. Makita BO5041K Random Orbital Sander

Makita BO5041K random orbital sander makes the sanding work smooth and fast as it is attached with a 3.0 amp motor. The speed range of this orbital sander would lie between 4000 and 12000 orbitals per minute. This one is perfect for eliminating the large stock and smoothly finishing the work.

It has a rubberized palm grip and an adjustable front handle, which provides excellent comfort to work even in confined areas. The other additional features include a two-finger trigger switch with lock-on button. The product is also designed with a dust collection system with high capacity and even with a built-in adapter.

  1. Black and Decker BDERO600 Random Orbit Sander

It is suitable for rough sanding work due to its efficiency and is quite easy to use too. Black and Decker BDERO600 random orbit sander is available at an affordable price. Despite the price, they have the same performance when compared with the other orbital sanders.

 It is manufactured with a compact size that can be placed near the wood and also simple to maintain the pressure. Another great feature of this orbit sander is it’s cordless, which makes it worth the price.

  1. Dewalt DWE6421K Random Orbit Sander

Dewalt DWE6421K Random Orbit sander is also available at a reasonable price despite its high-quality performance. The design is robust and compact, which is also listed as one of the light weighed orbit sanders. The user could have a firm grip on the handle due to its delicate texture.

This orbit sander is also included with the adequate dust collection system. It has a 3.0 amp motor, which induces the speed range of the product within 12000 OPM. It also assures the three-year warranty.

Buying Guide for Orbit Sander

There are various brands of manufacturers of orbit sanders in nowadays, and it would be a tricky thing to choose the best. Here is the list of few features to check before buying the orbit sander.


The quality of the motor and its power should be the first thing to consider while looking for the orbit sander. The motor ensures the efficiency and performance of the tool. The standard amp of the orbit sander motors lies between 2 and 5. Higher the amp, better the work.


Another thing to examine is whether you need a fixed speed or variable speed? Both types are beneficial and have their flaws.  You should select the one based on the work you will be doing where the variable rate is suitable for professional workers.

The fixed speed units are available at a lower price, but it has an only one-speed setting. If you go for the variable speed unit, it may cost a little high, but the speed range is from 10000 to 12000 OPM.


Although the tool has numerous features, if you don’t have a comfortable grip on the handle, it’s not right. Always look out for the one which compensates the size and strength of your hand.

If you don’t get the best orbital sander, you will experience lousy sanding work, which is suitable for carpenters, woodworkers, and cabinet manufacturers. We hope you will be cleared out of your uncertainty now after checking out the above mentioned orbital sander reviews. These products will make sure that you would enjoy working in the woods.

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