A digital product is something that you sell online, and that product cannot be touched or felt physically. It can be an e-book, software, audio files, mobile apps, online courses, etc. We can only have access to them through a mobile or a PC. Creating a digital product is easy but does demand your time. There are many opportunities in שיווק באינטרנט available online and very beneficial too.


Online writing:

Online writing is in the form of the text created to convey a message to the audience. It may include blogging, tweeting, newsletter, worksheets. The content that you write has to be vibrant and appealing to the audience. As you keep writing, it develops your blogging business. If you do not wish to write, it does not matter. You can outsource your work.



Creating audio files had recently become very popular. Those who do not have the patience to read can listen to the audio files while they work or busy with something else.

They come in the form of online music, audiobooks, multimedia, pdf, library, podcasts, courses, meditation. 



A digital video file is a format to store videos online or on a computer or mobile. The commonly found video file types are MPG, MP4, MPEG, AGO, MOV, WebM, etc.


We have seen various digital forms. Now Let’s see how to create the below:


1.     Opt for a Profitable Niche:

Firstly, you need to select a niche that strikes a chord with the audience. It could be any topic related to health, wealth, or relationships. What are the basic needs of a person? It is physical, emotional, mental, and could be spiritual.


Consider the factors while choosing the right niche:


·        Can the product be sold digitally?

·        The degree of competition

·        The size of the audience

·        How often is it searched in social media?

·        It’s potential in continuity.


2.     Invent the endearing product:


Before creating any product, ask yourself:

·        Why do clients need that product?

·        What is pushing them to search for one? 

·        How will it positively affect the client? 


Answering these questions help you to build the product based upon the customer’s expectations and needs. It would help if you also did thorough research on other similar products. Know how it became a success? What challenges have they faced in inventing one? The prices, the discounts they offer. 

Use social platforms to know about the client’s interests, likes, and needs. Join communities and get to know them better. Once the problem has been identified, you can narrow down the advantages. 


3. Creating the product:


As mentioned already, there are three kinds of digital products: audio, video, and writing. You can create your type of product. If you wish to outsource and save time, you can hire an expert to do the work. It requires you to sit with him/her and explain how do you need it. Provide valuable feedbacks. Another option is to you can co-partner with an expert. You can interview and pay them and use it as your product. 


Creating a digital product is easy and profitable. You do not need a workspace, and you can reach a wider audience. Updating your product is also essential so that you do not lag and gain more opportunities.

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