Study The Features Of Different Cigar Lighters And Choose The Best

Are you a cigar smoker? are you searching for the best cigar lighter? If yes, you are landed on the right page. We have done an in-depth study and analysis of different cigar lighters for you and reviewed the best cigar lighter.

Usually, a cigar smoker faces this problem that a cigar lighter tends to break after a few months of regular use, and after a few months, you have to buy a new one. There are different manufacturers of the best cigar lighters like Colibri, zippo, xikar, and many more. But it is challenging to choose the right cigar lighter from all wide styles available in the market.

Here in this article, we will provide you detailed information about different cigar lighter types and their features. we also share some key points to keep in mind while making the purchase. These aspects also help you find answers to the common queries men have when choosing their next cigar lighter. Let us take a look at some best cigar lighters  –


Vertigo triple torch cigar lighter


Some people have thought that only expensive torch lighters are good in quality. But it is not always true; you can find some best cigars at affordable prices too. The vertigo triple torch lighters are the best cigar lighters that you can purchase at reasonable prices.

It is available in both charcoal and transparent colors; you can choose which you like the most. It is featured with a comfortable light button and fuel window that ensures the wind doesn’t hold back.


Small portable torch lighter


This lighter looks the same as a pen, and its size is also similar to a pen. This small size lighter is comfortable to carry around with you in your pocket only. It is created with high-quality zinc alloy and featured a single torch burner at one end and, on the other end, an adjustable wheel.

Such lighters’ most attractive feature is lock buttons, which allows you and your near and dear ones safe. The single-click ignition source allows a smoker easy lightning to light a cigar.


Colibri Julius Flint cigar lighter


These lighters are available in different colors; a smoker can choose his favorite color item. It is designed very nicely that when gets fascinated by its looks. Moreover, the angled flame provides a comfortable grip to the smoker.

It has a double flame system for toasting and an easy to see butane window. This is also the best gif option if you plan to purchase a gift for cigar smoking friend or colleague.    


Xikar quad cigar lighter


It is one of the best high-quality cigars designed gorgeously for smoking accessories. This lighter has a flip tip lid used to cover its working when it’s not in use. This is preferable for cigar smokers as they get a lifetime warranty from xikar.


Final thought


These are the different best cigar lighters available in the market; you can choose the one according to your choice and preferences. Study these features before purchasing so that you don’t have to regret your decision.

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