Top 9 best Story Mode Games for Windows PC

When it comes to playing games, the narrative or narrative of a match is easily the most obvious component that defines its effect on people. The better narrative a game has, the longer it will survive on the market. The modern gaming world includes a lot of best narrative-driven games for PC.

GTA San Andrease

Games could create this impact through an assortment of techniques from good writing or ecological storytelling, and sometimes even using controls and mechanics to cause you to physically feel your character’s plight.

Mass Effect Trilogy

MassImpact Trilogy is just another action-adventure thriller that takes you into the year 2183. Players will need to take many decisions while each of these will probably have an impact on the end result. Across the journey, you will come across several NPCs that will give you the advice and tools needed to advance farther

Hotline Miami

Hot-line Miami has gory mobster killing by talking from the acid-soaked rabbit pit, all seen through the fuzzy eye of the protagonist. The character wakes up, checks the calling machine to know messages, then forcing to the mob hang out to murder everyone.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

It’s not like Call of Duty games hadn’t tried to make a narrative before, it was merely that Modern Warfare actually paves how exactly to earn a war game into something akin to a movie. It bucked the conventional game tendency of creating that the Russians that the enormous evil and instead made you struggle a powerful movement referred to as the ultra-nationalist Party that’s attempting to overthrow the Russian Federation.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the finest story-driven games for PC which takes one to a postapocalyptic world. Players have to control some protagonist Joel, a man who fights against zombies to maintain his unborn kid secure.

Gone home

That is an interactive narrative game with no main personality; the one thing that is put aside is their home. It is astonishing how good the narrative of the Gone home is. You are a young girl who returns home after a very long semester abroad. She’ll be visiting her parents only sibling-Sam, her sister. To her surprise, no one is at home, and matters have completely changed since she visited home. As you browse letters, notes, and notice items, you have to figure out where your family is now gone.

Final Fantasy 6

FF6 informs a sprawling tale regarding the passing of magical as a result of dishonest advancement, and it has among the biggest ensembles casts the side of War & Peace. It allows players to find any of several personalities as a meeting leader, and all will work because of context.

The Bards Tale

The game uses stealth and puzzles to share with Simon’s unsettling narrative. The less you know about the plot points moving into Soma, the better. However, everything you need to be aware of is exactly what sets this apart from the others that place the exact same tone. Many horror games create tension by forcing the gamer to fight off more strong enemies and handle hierarchical resources.


Over the span of the epic narrative, our lead extends out of an penniless thug to one of San Andreas’ most respected citizens, eventually being a wealthy mogul with a home from the match equivalent of the Hollywood Hills.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The actions RPG made a swift transition on mobile devices that the excellent tongue in cheek story was received by most players welcomingly. There’s a role of this personality where he has drifted off in a narrative rife with RPG clichés and also humor.

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