Top 5 Best Poker Tools and Software worth your Money

If you want to make Poker as a career and serious about that then you need to know about some software and tools which will help you in your poker career and They are also very important to understand few concept and strategies of online poker.

There are a number of unique types of poker tools and applications used by online poker players in 2020. But let me tell you very clearly that none of them is a magic wand that will suddenly turn you into a crusher overnight, you also need to work hard to improve your skills. It’s also possible that initially, you can lose some money to gain experience.

If you are interested in discovering the greatest online poker platform like dominoqq and poker plan programs in 2020, however, you do not understand how to get started. We’ve got the low down on the very well-known ones right here.

Poker Tools

GTO Trainer Tool

Simple GTO Trainer delivers an extremely convenient standalone coach, that you need to use to test almost any conceivable circumstance. In addition to this, they provide bundles with pre-calculated plans for a variety of circumstances and matches, so you might spare lots of one’s time.

Additionally, they have additional programs like 3-way solutions, Omaha option, plus far more.

The popularization of this GTO (Sports Theory Optimal) theory from the previous years to put this form of applications while in the radar as it only says a poker player utilizing GTO couldn’t be manipulated. Today the GTO-simulators are among the very advanced and high priced tools that poker player requirements.


ICMIZER is possibly the ideal solution for MTTs and SNGs. This advanced calculator helps you make the perfect pre-flop decisions at the next stages of your tournaments and shows exactly the way you should be playing every possible circumstance.

Whether you’re a whole newbie with ICM (independent chip version ) or a seasoned specialist, this really is the software that will help you make those quick alterations and calculations in each and every point of an sng.

Poker Tracker 4

Tracking poker software is crucial for everybody who is playing with seriously. Right now poker is about having information in your competitions and these apps perform the job in the best possible way. If you aren’t using it, you can be certain that almost all of your opponents are, and you are only earning money on the table.

What a poker tracking program essentially does will process the raw hand’s files that you receive from the poker room after every hand that you play with.

A hand file by how is a little text file that provides advice regarding absolutely everything which happened in a specific hand from the time, date, player titles, heap sizes, and the action in the hand.

Live Online Poker Tools

Now there are tons of poker strategy tools offered and the vast majority of them may be found on the web. While guides and books may be of use. Many players desperate to master really are better off watching the experts directly and bathing in as much advice as they are able to.

Twitch is really an enormous video streaming platform that can be home to an incredible number of users. And over the past few years, poker has grown a significant nice following this. With a few famous poker players regularly flowing the activity in their tables along with providing detailed comments in the procedure. There are big events streamed from assorted poker tournaments across the whole world.

Table Scanners

This computer software is more exceptional for beginners. It helps players to come across tables together with feeble players immediately. Most poker rooms confine these applications however also for individuals playing iPoker along with 888 Poker, Smart dining table Scanner could be your thing to do.

The application employs the hands to assess each of the tables and it discovers out the weakest line ups, letting you play fishes.

So these are some of the essential and very famous poker tools and software you will require if you wish to master this field. If you have any more tools names in your mind kindly comment down below and we will surely add them in this list.

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