What are the best online Virtual Piano Keyboards?

Remember the good old childhood days when most of us would imagine being a pianist in the future? It is still a dream for some people out there for different reasons. We may be pursuing our careers in other streams. However, deep down, we have that desire to learn the piano, no matter what. Do you think it is possible to join a class, buy a piano on your own and other stuff in your busy life?

What do you do if we say you can learn and play the piano on computer? Isn’t it quite interesting? Yes, there are various virtual piano keyboards available online, which can be useful for people of every age. These options have also enhanced benefits when compared with the traditional piano.

Piano on Computer

We had picked out the few such online virtual piano keyboards for you which are worth a checkout.

  1. Recursive Arts

Recursive Arts are considered to be one of the best virtual piano keyboards due to its fantastic response and great sound plans. There are options available here to record the music and play it back whenever you want.

Once you press the Key button, you will be provided with the keyboard guide, which can be used in correspondence with the piano key. It also has four sounds, which are all great. You may experience the practice like a real piano with three octaves. If you go for ‘Max,’ you will get five octaves.

  1. com Digital Piano

Apronus has been rated as one of the top virtual online keyboards, and we can’t deny its amazing features. Without any difficulties, the QWERTY key can be found immediately. You can play your music using them with the corresponding piano keys.

The fantastic features with ASDFGH keys with caps lock key made it much easier to play the full chords on your computer keyboard. Although the display is less attractive, you can have an excellent experience by using this digital piano.

  1. Online Pianist

The online pianist is one of the websites with promising features such as virtual piano, piano sheets, and tutorials, which guide you with the piano keys, finger positions, and letter notes. Play the piano by using both the keyboard and mouse. You will also be given access to display the piano as per your choice with the corresponding keyboard keys.

The users can select any of the piano sheets from notable composers that belong to various genres; the piano sheet chosen can also give animated tutorials by playing back. These features can only be accessed once you register on their website. However, you can also enjoy playing a few composed sheets without signing in.

  1. Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is another website that also has numerous beneficial options, along with more keynotes than others. The Key assist option on the website would help in highlighting the corresponding keyboard buttons in the piano. It is also possible to change the colors of the piano by using the Changing style’s key.

The large music sheet on the website extends from the song from the movies, stage, and television programs and ends with game categories. The site would also allow you to play the videos and can have your recording clips.

  1. The Method Behind the Music

Despite having only 32 keynotes, it would be great to play the music notes on this website.  The flash piano page on the website can open a separate page for the virtual piano. This great option would allow the user to take a look at the rest of the site and play the notes. The Method Behind the Music is also loaded with information that is useful to learn about the history of music.

  1. Zebra Keys

Zebra Keys, a piano tutorial site is especially useful for beginners. The keyboard has 24 keys to play the chords and melodies you like. It also has nearly 50 piano lessons, which are included with flash visual animations and video tutorials. The website also allows downloading the music sheets in PDF format.


Everyone has a passion for music, and we hope you can reveal your inner pianist who has been hiding there for a long time by using these fantastic options mentioned above. Remember, learning has no limit for age and has no end; it’s just the beginning of something great.

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