2009, 730 page hardcover book
9 x 6 x 2 inches

$40 BUY

For 2009, the Year of the Ox, HNH delivers lleHNHeaven, a 730-page volume that pays homage to the simple binary. The either/or is given its due treatment in the form of a tic-tac-toe game, in which each page alternates the location of x's and o's with the center square left open.

In 1843, Søren Kierkegaard published Either/Or, a two-volume text in which the philosopher attempted to answer the question of how we should live. Removing subtlety and grayscale, we often define our world in narrowed dialectics of win or lose, right or wrong, life or death, and so on. More often then not, value is stripped from that which is of dissenting opinion.

In Cormac McCarthy’s novel No Country for Old Men (2005), the assassin Anton Chigurh flips a coin to determine the fate of his victims. As children, we pluck daisy petals to contemplate true love. Likewise, be it by fate or circumstance, what we hope to know is shouldered by us alone. With the flip of a coin (of his choice) answering any possible number of enquiries, the reader moves from passive observer to active participant by filling in the last square with x or o. The act of creation or destruction is left neither totally to the forces of reason or religion.

lleHNHeaven considers not only the question posed by Aristotle of “how should we live?” but also, with no less weight, of “how should we die?”