Last Supper Dining Set, 1999
2004/2009, wood and canvas
Table 29 x 144 x 36 inches
13 Chairs, each 18-1/4 x 16-1/4 x 16 inches

Nearing the end of the millennium, it is Armageddon time. There will be god-fearing men with beards walking our streets carrying placards announcing the impending end of the world and the need for immediate repentance. If that wasn't enough, there is also the scurry to find a technical patch for the possible Y2K computer meltdown.

In accordance with all the happy campers, HNH 1999 presents a dining set that revisits the ultimate symbol of gloom, doom, and epicurean delight: the last supper.

The table top is a strip of raw canvas stretched over a sturdy, flat support of wood. Like the resined dinners of Daniel Spoerri, the Last Supper dining table becomes a site for preservation in the face of temporality. The bare canvas receives all the subtle and not-so-subtle drippings, stains, and markings from foods and drinks that inevitably make their mark during the course of a meal. This painting essentially "paints" itself.

This painting/table top can be taken off its legs and hung on a wall at any time and a new canvas subsequently stretched. So eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we have to go back to work when the world refuses once more to end!

Installation at the Lab Gallery, New York, 2004

Installation at Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City, 2009

Dinner and Installation at Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City, 2009